Michal Kaňka - Cello



Vyšlo v: MFF Universita Karlova

Autor: OPMK

Datum vydání: 6.3.2018


Vyšlo v: London

Autor: GR

Datum vydání: 26.2.2018

Review on the concert of the Wihan quartet in Wigmore hall on the 26. 2. 2018

… on this occasion, it was Kaňka who was in the cellist’s chair – as was the case when I last heard the Wihan perform, also at Wigmore Hall, on the occasion of a memorial concert for the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust’s co-founder, Pamela Majaro.  Then, I judged, ‘From the evidence here, Kaňka is a good ‘fit’.  His tone is full, and at times quite ‘dark’, but his bass provided strong directional force.’  This ‘strength’ was again evident during this recital too, although the repertoire being performed was very different and there were times when I found Kaňka’s firm sound a little too unyielding, more muscular than his partners, though his playing has undoubted elegance, poise and graciousness.

…. the second movement (Beethoven op.59/3) theme and variations meandered but the direction was never in doubt, guided by Kaňka’s cello pizzicato – a sort of low drone, ever consistent of tone and dynamic.  The rhythmic seductiveness of the upper voices created a yearning air, and though there were moments when a tempest threatened to throw the journey off course, a quiet sense of purpose prevailed, beautifully articulated in the tender closing bars.  Here, Kaňka’s sure-footed triplet-quavers led the ensemble safely home.  The lucidly slithering semi-quavers of the almost seemed to poke fun at Beethoven’s pa­renthetical ‘, and the tuning of the octave unisons was impressive.  In the , fugue and sonata form combined with rhetorical spiritedness and clean brilliance, and there was a wonderful sense of freedom in the rush to the close…..

Vyšlo v: ResMusica Luberon

Autor: Jean-Claude Hulot

Datum vydání: 26.8.2016


Vyšlo v: časopis Harmonie

Autor: Michal Kaňka

Datum vydání: 1.6.2016


Vyšlo v: email after performance of Cello concertino by Martinu

Autor: prof. Gaynor Sadlo England

Datum vydání: 2.4.2016

From my heart, I thank the universe/the best of human evolution for your great and miraculous talent. I REALLY enjoyed your special gift / +!the work you need to do to get to that point, last evening ! xx :-)

Vyšlo v: The Strad

Autor: Joanne Talbot

Datum vydání: 3.1.2013

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Vyšlo v: Týdeník rozhlas

Autor: Tomáš Pilát

Datum vydání: 3.1.2013

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Vyšlo v: Týdeník Rozhlas č. 27/2012

Autor: Petar Zapletal

Datum vydání: 28.6.2012

Sólista SOČRu přednesl náročný part Koncertu pro violoncello a orchestr č. 2 Dmitrie Kabalevského…Michal Kaňka je na vrcholu své kariéry: jeho provedení Kabalevského koncertu se vyznačovalo zralou tónovou kulturou, spolehlivou technikou a imponující virtuózní brilancí. Pro dílo, jež se hraje vcelku, bez přerušení, získal a po celou dobu udržel posluchače v plném soustředění.

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