Michal Kaňka - Cello




As a chairman of the permanent competition board Michal Kanka supervised the 68th International competition the Prague Spring in fields Trumpet and Piano.


The Gala concert at Prague Conservatory on the 31st of March 2016. B. Martinu – Concertino for cello solo, 11 wind instruments, piano and percussion. The soloist Michal Kaňka


Member of Jury of the 10th Jan Vychytil cello contest in Prague.


By the occasion of the Czech national holiday on 28th of October he played, together with the pianist Jaromir Klepáč, concerts in Tunis and Cartage.


On the 12th of November he made the Czech premiere of the cello concerto by American composer Christopher Rouse together with the Philharmonic Hradec Králové and the conductor José Miguel Rodilla


During another solo tour of Michal Kaňka in Japan, comes out his new CD by the Nami Records – „Cello Mosaic“


Michal Kanka was leading successfully the 67th world known international music competition Prague Spring. This year in branch flute and clarinet.


Michal Kanka is finishing his 14th tour with the pianist Rumi Itoh through important cities of Japan – Kobe, Tokyo, Osaka, Kawasaki with the program – Dvorak and Chopin – Polonaises, Shostakovich and Schubert – Sonatas…